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Where is yours?"; text[2] = "We choose our thoughts, but not very carefully."; text[3] = "Don't advocate, investigate."; text[4] = "Just because it feels good doesn't mean it's not hazardous to your health."; text[5] = "We suffer for one of two reasons: we want what we don t have, or we don t want we do have."; text[6] = "You better check yo self before you wreck yo self."; text[7] = "Don t know how? Make it up!"; text[8] = "Resistance is brutal."; text[9] = "Hold your hurt in a very big space. Like the Milky Way."; text[10] = "It s like this and like that and like this and uh& "; text[11] = "Speak without offending, listen without defending."; text[12] = "If you don't really like yourself at times, that's ok. But find a way to love yourself anyway."; text[13] = "If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present."; text[14] = "If you absolutely must speak, wait 1 minute before doing so. You'll probably see or hear something new, and say something else."; text[15] = "Why are you afraid to ask for what you need?"; text[16] = "Life s catastrophes big and small break our hearts so they close. But meet your pain with compassion, and your heart will break wide open."; text[17] = "The bad news is you re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there s no ground."; text[18] = "Stand up. Stretch. Nice."; text[19] = "Sit up straight, lifting the top of your head toward the sky. Let your shoulders drop. Ahhhhh."; text[20] = "May you be safe from the dangers of the external world and the internal one."; text[21] = "May you be radiantly happy and deeply peaceful. You deserve it."; text[22] = "May you live your life with ease. You ve earned it."; text[23] = "In this moment, you're perfect. Just the way you are."; text[24] = "Try not to worry so much, you re just wearing yourself out."; text[25] = "Your anger hurts you more than anyone else. Let it go, for your own sake."; text[26] = "Right here, right now, you are exactly where you need to be."; text[27] = "Where you are is where you are needed. Get involved!"; text[28] = "Make someone s day with your smile."; text[29] = "See the bus driver, cashier and CEO for the complex, conflicted and gifted human beings they are."; text[30] = "Sometimes nothing is the most important thing you can do."; text[31] = "It s never too late to say thank you."; text[32] = "Feeling blue? Find something small to be grateful for."; text[33] = "Notice how you are holding your pen, your posture, your facial expression. Can you relax it a bit?"; text[34] = "Change: can t force it, can t avoid it. Life gets easier when we can embrace it."; text[35] = "Are you looking to someone or something else for happiness?"; text[36] = "You can t make someone else happy. Make yourself happy."; text[37] = "Instead of going out and looking for love, what about love as the place you come from? What happens if love is what you bring?"; text[38] = "Most people's problem is that they think their thoughts are true. Your life changes the moment you can accept that <i>they are not.</i>"; text[39] = "We each take our own steps, but we take this journey together."; text[40] = "Your breath is your anchor to what is real."; text[41] = "There is more power in the present moment than in the past or the future, if we'll only bother to access it."; text[42] = "When in doubt, <i>pause</i>."; text[43] = "It may be wiser to move forward with a questionable decision than to stay stuck looking for the  right one."; text[44] = "Make time to take care of yourself. Put it on the calendar."; text[45] = "We are not meant to accumulate endlessly. People, things and ideas must come and go & this is how we grow."; text[46] = "No matter how painful the loss, it always opens space for what will come next."; text[47] = "A laugh is a compliment. Give them out freely."; text[48] = "Everyone around you is hurting in his/her own particular way. Every. One."; text[49] = "Wow. You re divine."; text[50] = "Wow. You re divine."; text[51] = "Regret is healthy, we can learn from it. Guilt, on the other hand, is just terribly unproductive."; text[52] = "You are a new person every year, every morning, every moment."; text[53] = "Why not say yes?"; text[54] = "Tell it how it is. Nothing more, nothing less."; text[55] = "All those people, places and situations you struggle with? Those are your teachers, your temples and your testing grounds."; text[56] = "It s not a question of whether to follow your head or your heart the question is: is either one seeing clearly?"; text[57] = "You grow by going inside. This is true whether you re a person, a business or a nation."; text[58] = "Nothing lasts forever. In fact, most things last only a short time."; text[59] = "When you grieve, you're in touch with searing truth that may make others uncomfortable. This is a holy place; honor it, take your time."; text[60] = "Look down at your hands, and reflect on all they have accomplished. Way to go!"; text[61] = "Get comfortable with uncertainty. At least it's reliable." text[62] = "Every time you pause to get present, your brain becomes less reactive and more creative. Science!"; text[63] = "Is it true? Is it kind? Is it helpful? Ok, then say it."; text[64] = "Kindness is the most powerful and versatile tool there is. You can use it every day, in every situation, and your results will be astounding."; text[65] = "Our thoughts become actions. Our actions become habits. Our habits become character. Be careful out there."; text[66] = "If you don t design your life, someone else will design it for you. And it could get ugly."; text[67] = "Taking responsibility sounds like such a drag, but it actually makes life <i>so</i> much more livable."; text[68] = "Put your hand on your heart. Breathe deeply. This is how it feels to be nice to yourself."; text[69] = "You have amazing, original, world-changing ideas locked inside you. The trick is, you have to believe they're in there before you can get at them."; text[70] = "Stop trying to make others happy. 1. It's impossible. 2. It's not your job. 3. It's getting in the way."; text[71] = "When a task, talk or relationship gets complicated, ask yourself,  What does the simple version look like? Aim for that."; text[72] = "Ask questions."; text[73] = "How to be happy: take something you love, and give it to someone you love."; text[74] = "I m grateful for your attention. Everyone else is too."; text[75] = "Can you tell when you re just being the person you think you re supposed to be? (Hint: it s bloody exhausting.)"; text[76] = "Question: How do the qualities you despise in others reflect your own fears and insecurities? Answer: Be nice."; text[77] = "Just because you feel it, doesn't mean it's there."; text[78] = "Creativity is the openness to play when everyone else wants to play it safe."; text[79] = "What worries you, masters you."; text[80] = "Be excellent to each other."; text[81] = "Attention is the highest form of love."; text[82] = "Recognize."; text[83] = "Makin' your way in the world today takes everything you got. Takin a break from all your worries sure would help a lot."; text[84] = "How to be happy: do the right thing." text[85] = "If you could see your adversary's pain as clearly as you feel your own, you could stop fighting and hold each other." text[86] = "There are two kinds of fear: one says you're going to fail and the other says you're about to do something big, bold and brand new. Listen to the latter." text[87] = "What you've done is less important than what you do now." text[88] = "The past is fixed. The future is unknown. We are here. You are now." text[89] = "Life isn't going to be easy. The best you can do is to live it with style and grace." text[90] = "You are creative. The only questions are: what will you create and when?" text[91] = "Creativity takes courage." text[92] = "Let go." text[93] = "Yes, you can." text[94] = "Pain is temporary, but fixation can be forever." text[95] = "Creativity takes courage." text[96] = "Time can't heal all wounds if you won't keep the bandage clean. See things for how they really are, and the pain subsides." text[97] = "Live your life as if it really mattered." text[98] = "Don't take it personally. 99% of the time, it isn't about you at all." text[99] = "Who's in charge here? Are you sure you're the one making all your decisions?" text[100] = "Imagine what you could do with your life if you truly believed that you already have everything you need." text[101] = "Happiness is actually an extreme. Instead of pursuing happiness, be content with things being a-ok." text[102] = "Should is a very very very bad word." text[103] = "Find something you do poorly and do it anyway. Who cares? It's the doing that matters." text[104] = "If you make room for the things that make you happy, you won't miss the things that don't." text[105] = "The past isn't really the past if you don't leave it there." text[106] = "We are always planting seeds with our thoughts, words and actions. Are you growing strawberries or cactus?" text[107] = "No one determines your behavior but you, and you always have a choice." text[108] = "Energy => more energy. Try it!" text[109] = "Here's a tip: Getting somewhere or something else won't really make you any happier." text[110] = "Stand in the place where you are." text[111] = "Don't play your relationships like games. You'll lose." text[112] = "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need." text[113] = "Know that you're breathing in. Know that you're breathing out." text[114] = "You have to make room for your future. That means letting go of the past." text[115] = "Don't worry. It isn't actually as important as it feels right now." text[116] = "Pay closest attention to what is simple, sweet and clear." text[117] = "It's important to be grateful for what you have, but it's more important to be open to what you will have." text[118] = "Remember: The ship is safe in the harbour, but that's not what a ship is for." text[119] = "The world tries to tell us what s important, what we should be doing & how. But we already know the answers, & we know the world is wrong." text[120] = "Choose to ask questions rather than make assumptions, and your life will be a fantastic adventure." text[121] = "Don't mind us. We're all just waiting for you to deliver on your brilliance." text[122] = "If we are all worms, try to be a glow worm." text[123] = "Why worry when you can do something about it? And if you can't do anything about it, why worry?" text[124] = "You hold more potential, more promise, than anyone knows about - including yourself. Time to show us all." text[125] = "Examine the thought you're thinking right now. Is it absolutely, positively and objectively true?" text[126] = "Every moment - including this one - is a choice. What will you do? How will you do it? Who is it for?" text[127] = "Why are you afraid?" text[128] = "Thank you for being here. (Pass it on.)" text[129] = "Dread, denial and procrastination use up all your energy. Action renews it." text[130] = "Go outside and move around." text[131] = "When was the last time you looked up at the stars?" text[132] = "Now is the time to love yourself. You're as perfect as you're ever going to be." text[133] = "When people disappoint you, that's a signal that you have something to teach them." text[134] = "Patience is always appropriate." text[135] = "The people you love need to know it." text[136] = "One day you'll miss this." text[137] = "Living simply means making decisions that don't require infinitely more decisions." text[138] = "No more fear of fear." text[139] = "Let go of the outcome, so you can live in the process of creating it." text[140] = "Awareness isn't enough. Bring compassion to what you see and character to what you do about it." text[141] = "Taking care of others is part of taking care of yourself." text[142] = "I think, therefore I am ... suffering." text[143] = "How often are you on autopilot, telling the same story from memory, even as your audience changes? Even as the truth changes?" text[144] = "True leadership is analytical and intuitive, open and decisive, invested in the group and interested in the individual." text[145] = "When you're fully participating in your life, you have less work, more play and all the time in the world." text[146] = "Relax, you're not here to solve the world's problems. But if you're open to opportunity, you'll find your own unique way to help." text[147] = "Do all you can, with what you have, in the time you have, in the place where you are." text[148] = "Take care that as you condemn ignorance and hatred you are not fanning those very flames in yourself." text[149] = "All people know about you is what your actions tell them." text[150] = "Stop the hate. Delegate." text[151] = "Intention is the currency of the universe. Spend yours wisely." text[152] = "Everybody is somebody's VIP." text[153] = "Sound surrounds us constantly & our brilliant brains filter out whatever's unnecessary. But do they get it right?" text[154] = "Listen wisely, hear all." text[155] = "Being honest about what's real makes fear irrelevant." text[156] = "Your body is a gift. Your age is a concept. Your mind cannot be trusted." text[157] = "If you can't improve upon the silence, simply be part of it." text[158] = "The surest way to change others is to change yourself." text[159] = "If it takes up space in the home, it takes up space in the heart." text[160] = "Your feelings work hard to convince you that all your thoughts are real and true." text[161] = "Anything is possible when you are open to possibility." text[162] = "Enough. These few words are enough. If not these words, this breath. If not this breath, this sitting here." text[163] = "Too often, when we're focused on getting what we want, we lose touch with who we are." text[164] = "intention > ambition" text[165] = "Relax, it's not even really about you." var footnotes = new Array(); footnotes[1] = ""; footnotes[2] = ""; footnotes[3] = ""; footnotes[4] = ""; footnotes[5] = ""; footnotes[6] = "with thanks to Ice Cube"; footnotes[7] = ""; footnotes[8] = ""; footnotes[9] = ""; footnotes[10] = "courtesy of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg"; footnotes[11] = ""; footnotes[12] = ""; footnotes[13] = "Lao Tzu knew what was up"; footnotes[14] = ""; footnotes[15] = ""; footnotes[16] = ""; footnotes[17] = "Chgyam Trungpa Rinpoche, genius and badass"; footnotes[18] = ""; footnotes[19] = ""; footnotes[20] = ""; footnotes[21] = ""; footnotes[22] = ""; footnotes[23] = ""; footnotes[24] = ""; footnotes[25] = ""; footnotes[26] = ""; footnotes[27] = ""; footnotes[28] = ""; footnotes[29] = ""; footnotes[30] = ""; footnotes[31] = ""; footnotes[32] = ""; 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footnotes[148] = ""; footnotes[149] = ""; footnotes[150] = ""; footnotes[151] = ""; footnotes[152] = ""; footnotes[153] = ""; footnotes[154] = ""; footnotes[155] = ""; footnotes[156] = ""; footnotes[157] = ""; footnotes[158] = ""; footnotes[159] = ""; footnotes[160] = ""; footnotes[161] = ""; footnotes[162] = "The poet David Whyte. <a href=\"http://www.bemindful.org/poems.htm#Anchor-20418\">Read the rest here</a>."; footnotes[163] = ""; footnotes[164] = ""; footnotes[165] = ""; var cursor = 1 + Math.floor((text.length - 1)*Math.random()); $(setText()); /* function loadText() { var regex = new RegExp("\\Wq=(\\d+)"); var res = regex.exec($(location).attr('href')); if (res == null) { setText(null); } else { setText(res[1]); } } */ function setText(index) { if (index == null || index < 1) { index = cursor; } $('#text').html(text[index]); $('#footnote').html(footnotes[index]); $('#ogTitle').attr('content', text[index]); var tweet = text[index]; tweet = (tweet.length >= 87) ? tweet.substring(0, 86)+"..." : tweet; $('#tweetThis').attr('href', 'http://twitter.com/home/?status=http://gimmepresence.com' + index + '%20-%20'+encodeURIComponent(tweet)); $('#index').html('#' + index); if(cursor >= text.length -1){ cursor = 1; } else{ cursor++; } } </script> <div id="share" class="clearfix"> <div class="wrap"> <div id="links"> <a href="mailto:gimmepresence@gmail.com" title="add your own">give presence</a> </span> </div> </div> </div> </body> </html>